First victimized by an intruder, then by the state of Texas

Darlie Lynn Routier is an innocent victim on Death Row.

Darlie at Mountain View Unit, gatesville Texas.. 
photo courtesy of John Holbrook

Teamfreedarlie is a group of concerned citizens who firmly believe in Darlie Routier’s innocence.  There are a myriad of books, TV documentaries, websites, blogs and other sources that detail the case, the attack on Darlie and the tragic killing of her two beautiful boys.  We have attached links for those who wish to explore the facts of the case.  The purpose of our website is to provide information and opportunities to get involved with events and rallies for Darlie to help bring awareness and raise the profile of this case to a level where it can no longer be ignored.  Please join us!

Words from Darlie Lynn Routier

Darlie and her 3 gorgeous baby boys before the nightmare.

”I have the most wonderful supporters of all time... those who value truth and loyalty...people of courage and strength.  Thank you all” love Darlie Lynn

Write to Darlie, she loves mail

Darlie Lynn Routier #999220

2305 Ransom Road

Mt. View Unit

Gatesville Tx, 76528

Books and magazines are a great way for Darlie to pass time while she fights to prove her innocence. Here are some ideas of subscriptions she would enjoy:



Sports Illustrated


Women's Health

National Geographic Traveler



Marie Claire


In Style


Dallas Morning News

Austin Statesman

USA Today

Any book or magazine regarding animals

Exciting News from Darlie Lynn!


In a recent letter to one of her supporters, Darlie shared the following news:

"We can confirm the print does not match anyone who lived in the residence, nor anyone who worked the crime scene. It's all a process and takes time. There are DNA matters being worked on that I'm not allowed to discuss right now, but it's all very positive. We also have other matters being worked on and I'm hoping to be able to share in the near future."