First victimized by an intruder, then by the state of Texas

Darlie Lynn Routier is an innocent victim on Death Row.

Darlie at Mountain View Unit, gatesville Texas.. 
photo courtesy of John Holbrook

Teamfreedarlie is a group of concerned citizens who firmly believe in Darlie Routier’s innocence.  There are myriad of books, tv documentaries, websites, blogs and other sources that detail the case, the attack on Darlie and the tragic killing of her two beautiful boys.  We have attached links for those who wish to explore the facts of the case.  The purpose of our website is to provide information and opportunities to get involved with events and rallies for Darlie to help bring awareness and raise the profile of this case to a level where it can no longer be ignored.  Please join us!

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How can I get involved?

Convoy for Justice

Join us June 14th and 15th as we convoy for justice!

Save the dates for this event have gone out by USPS.  If you DO NOT recieve a save the date in the mail by March 1, please drop us a line and we will make sure to add you to our mailing list.  Please do all that you can to make it to any of the events we have planned during these two days to show support for Darlie, Devon and Damon.   If you are unable to physcially be there let us know and we have ways for you to help 

We have postcards made for the new Dallas District Attorney requesting to run the bloody fingerprint, item 85j, through AFIS.  If you wish to take part in the mail campaign drop us a line in the contact us link with your name and address and we will mail you 10 postcards.  Thank you and have a blessed day 🙏🏻 #teamfreedarlie


We are currently working on getting the female death row inmates phone privledges along with better options for bedding.  Attached is a form letter you can print out, sign and mail in to help us.  Thank you for taking the time to do this, phone calls and a option for better bedding would mean so much to these ladies.  


Please use your creativity and artistic talents!

Create a picture of yourself, with the words: #IamDarlieRoutier



Post it on our Facebook page:

Team Free Darlie

Form letter for phone privledges

Words from Darlie Lynn Routier

Darlie and her 3 gorgeous baby boys before the nightmare.

”I have the most wonderful supporters of all time... those who value truth and loyalty...people of courage and strength.  Thank you all” love Darlie Lynn

Write to Darlie, she loves mail

Darlie Lynn Routier #999220

2305 Ransom Road

Mt. View Unit

Gatesville Tx, 76528

T-Shirt fundraiser and donations

This fundraiser closed Feb11. We earned $426!  Thank you to all of you who bought and donated!  Let’s make the Justice For Darlie Routier fundraiser shirt below another success!  Time is limited!


#IAMDARLIEROUTIER CAMPAIGN Please use your creativity and artistic talents! Create a picture of yourself, with the words: #IamDarlieRoutier #MothersJustice #metoo Post it on our Facebook page: Team Free Darlie

darlie’s wish lisT TO PASS THE TIME

Items must be purchased and mailed from the seller like Amazon, walmart, etc.

  • Beautiful homes of Texas by Jolie Carpenter
  • Beautiful bedrooms and baths by Jolie Carpenter
  • Spectacular homes of Texas by Jolie Carpenter
  • Unblemished by Sara Ella
  • Crimson Death by Laurell K. Hamilton
  • Cover him with Darkness by Janine Ashbless
  • Holding on tighter by Shayla Black
  • No easy target by Iris Johansen
  • Believing God by Beth Moore
  • The Modern house Bus by Kimberly Mok
  • Garage - Reinventing the place we park by Kira Obdensky
  • Esther the wonder pig by Steve Jenkins
  • Trooper - the bobcat who came in from the wild by Forrest Bryant Johnson
  • An anonymous girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
  • Catification by J Galaxy and K Benjamin 
  • The Diary Goat Handbook by Ann Starbard
  • Safari by Geoffrey Kent
  • Birds of a Feather by Lorin Lindner
  • Everything we lost by Valerie Geary
  • Just Between Us by Rebecca Drake
  • National Geographic 
  • any beauty magazines that would have the fragrance sample strip
  • any home or yard design


Favorite Coloring Book Artists

  • Heather Valentin
  • Molly Harrison
  • Selina Fenced
  • Sherri Baldy
  • Lisa Franks
  • Darlie loves Stain Glass and also Grayscale coloring books
  • Jounaling coloring books are also helpful
  • - Grayscale : animals, chibi girls, flowers, vampiers 

                                                Baby dragons, chibi animals, cute fairies, cute unicorns

                                                Dark fantasy, dragons, elegant elephants, fairies, fantasy

                                                Favorite pages, island paradise, magical forest, mermaids

                                                Naughty animals, proud to be a girl, unicorns

Darlie loves stickers! They must be stuck on the letter or envelope you send. No jeweled or puffy

The last defense: Darlie Routier